Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Writing Center in the Learning Studio do?

The Writing Center offers one on one, small group, or online tutorials for any writing or reading project.

Who can meet with a Writing Center Consultant?

All students, faculty, and staff of Columbia College Chicago can use the services offered by the Writing Center.  Alumni can use the Writing Center for six months after separation from the college.

Who are the Consultants?

The Writing Center staff is made up of peer undergraduate, peer graduate, specialist, adjunct, and professional Consultants. All are trained and continue their professional development through workshops, conference presentations, and publishing opportunities.

How do I schedule a session with a Consultant?

You can schedule a session through the "Make Appointments" tab in Oasis, click on "Learning Studio" then "Writing Center". There will be a series of menus to choose from. Once you have scheduled the session, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address.

Can I just walk in instead of scheduling a session?

While the short answer is "yes," we strongly suggest you schedule a one time or reoccurring session through your "Make Appointments" tab in Oasis. This guarantees you time with a Writing Center Consultant.

What happens if I can't make my scheduled session?

If you can't make or will be late for your scheduled session, you can call 312-369-8130. There are consequences to not showing and not calling, so, please make sure to call. You don't want to lose the privilege of being able to make advanced appointments!

Can I meet with a Consultant from my major?

The Writing Center employs Consultants from many disciplines, so, the short answer is "yes!"

Does the Writing Center offer ESL, LD, and Reading tutorial sessions?

Yes! When scheduling your session, please choose from the menu options to schedule with one of our Specialist Consultants.

My schedule says I'm taking the Tutoring in Writing Skills course (52-1110). What do I do?

Beginning with the first week of classes, come to the Learning Studio at your scheduled time to meet with your Consultant. Please let the Front Desk know you are there for your session.

I haven't started my writing assignment because I don't understand how to write it. Can you help me?

Consultants are trained to work at any stage of the writing process. Just be sure to bring a copy of the assignment and any texts for the class.

Can I drop off my paper, have someone correct it, and pick it up later?

In order for the Consultants to do their work in the session, you need to be there, too.

How do I become a Writing Center Consultant?

Once you have completed your Writing and Rhetoric II course with a B or higher, you will be invited to take the Writing Center Theory and Practice course (52-3100). Call 312-369-8827 for information regarding this course.