For Faculty

Our faculty and departmental partnerships form the backbone of our work with students. We see ourselves as an extension of your work with students in the classroom, as partners in identifying individual strengths and challenges that students might exhibit, and in strategically planning new programs to enhance the student experience.

We have found that along the way, our work might positively impact your work as a faculty member as well in such areas as the following:

  • Providing in-class workshops and presentations, including piloting tutors in the classroom.
  • Providing feedback regarding a student's progress (with the student's permission), including individual writing session reports and monthly tutoring reports for science and math faculty members.
  • Offering reflection and feedback from students regarding opportunities to improve teaching in challenging courses.
  • Offering leadership and service opportunities through participation on the Learning Studio Advisory Committee, focus groups and on-site faculty-led workshops.
  • Offering test proctoring for make-up quizzes, midterms, and final exams. Click here for detailed instructions on how to request test proctoring. Click here for the Procting Request Form.

Our tutors are also available to faculty and staff members for assistance in crafting journal articles, papers, presentations, statistical and data analysis, and other scholarly endeavors related to their work at Columbia.

Are you interested in working more closely with the Learning Studio? Contact Nita Meola, Senior Director of Tutoring. 312-369-8827 or

This helpful faculty guide includes more information and a statement about the Learning Studio for your syllabus.