Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print for free at the Learning Studio?

Only the Conaway Achievement Project students using the CAP computer lab can print for free.

What is the Conaway Achievement Project?

CAP is a federally funded student support service Trio program. Eligible students must meet requirements based on a) income status, b) first generation college students, and c) students with disabilities. CAP students may utilize a private computer lab with free printing, a private lounge for eating and studying, and meet with counselors at least twice per semester. These counselors can help students with issues at school, scholarships, letters of recommendation, and other situations. CAP also hosts student improvement workshops.

How can I join the CAP Program?

You need to come down to the Learning Studio and get an application, fill it out and attach an SAR (Student Aid Report) from your FAFSA (at If you need help finding your SAR, a Learning Studio student assistant can help you. After turning in the application at the Conaway Achievement Project office, you will be notified whether or not you have been accepted into the program. If you are accepted, you will come in for an orientation with your CAP Counselor.

Is there a time limit for tutoring?

Typically, the time limit for a one on one tutoring session is 50 minutes. All sessions start at the beginning of the hour. The Writing Center cut off time is half past, and the Science and Math Learning Center, Accounting, and Foreign Language Lab have no cut off time.

How many times a week can I see a Writing Center tutor?

You may see a tutor up to three times per week, with a maximum of two sessions in one day. There is no limit to the number of times per week you can meet with any of the Science, Math, Accounting, or Foreign Language Lab tutors.

What foreign languages are available for tutoring?

Currently, there are Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese tutors.

Can Accounting tutors do tutoring for finance?

At this time, only some accounting tutors are able to. Call or stop by the Learning Studio to set up an appointment with a finace tutor.

What levels of Math are tutored? What levels of Science are tutored?

The Science and Math Learning Center has tutors for all levels of Math. Commonly, students come in for help from the most basic of Math to Calculus and beyond. Also, we can tutor all levels of Science. We receive many students from a broad range of science classes, varying from Environmental Science and Nutrition to the Science of Electronics and the Science of Acoustics.

What types of Writing tutors are available?

Tutors come with a wide variety of specialties. Currently we offer undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, adjunct faculty, English as a Second Language (ESL), foreign language, and learning disability tutors. Further, you can choose tutors based on their specialties (i.e. Arts Entertainment Media Management) through the appointment scheduling on Oasis. If you have any questions, you can stop in or call us for more information.

Do I need to be a current Columbia student to use the Learning Studio?

No, you can use the Learning Studio for up to one year after you graduate. Faculty and staff can also use the WC and the SMLC.

When and where can I take the Placement tests?

You can take them right here at the Learning Studio. Tests are offered Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 a.m.

Do I need to schedule appointments in advance or can I just walk in and get a tutor?

We recommend that you make an appointment in advance to secure a tutorial. You may stop in at the top of each hour to see a tutor. However, when we are busy, walk ins are not always guaranteed to see a tutor.

How do I make an appointment?

You can easily set up an appointment based on your own availability through Oasis. First, after you log in, you select the "Make Appointments" tab. Then, you select the "Learning Studio Appointments" link. Next, you select the type of appointment you would like from the drop-down menu and hit the button "next." Following that step, you select the type of appointment you would like under "Appt Type," the type of tutor you would like (if you don't have a preference, just select "Any Session"), and the specific tutor you want (with no preference, you may select "Any Resource"). You then click on a white space where you see the tutor open that correlates with the day and time you would like your appointment. The next screen will confirm your information, and you press the button "Make Appointment." A confirmation email will be sent to both your Loop email account and your tutor's.

Does it cost money to see a tutor at the Learning Studio?

No, the Learning Studio is free when you come in because the cost is built into your tuition.

Are the writing tutors only for writing classes?

No, you can bring in all kinds of writing. These include essays from any classes or scholarships, resumes, cover letters, poetry, scripts and screenplays, theses, and more.

Do I have to have a writing project finished when I come in?

Tutors can help at various stages of your writing project. If you are unsure what to write, visit with a Writing Center tutor for brainstorming and outline help. If you are near the end of your writing project and find yourself stuck, a Writing Center tutor will help you get unstuck.