Gender Inclusive Initiative

The Gender Inclusive Initiative is a campus wide effort to increase awareness, access to resources and affirmation for diverse gender identities and expressions. Columbia College Chicago is a diverse community with a commitment to non-discrimination, appreciation and celebration of differences. 

Preferred Name

Columbia College Chicago recognizes that many members of our community use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. For many of our students, a preferred first name is an important part of their identity. 

If you enter a preferred first name is this field, Columbia will make every effort to ensure that this name appears in your student records wherever we are able to do so. This will include your Columbia email address, the college’s learning management system, and class rosters. 

Please understand that the college is required to keep documents related to financial aid, and official academic transcripts, under your full legal name.

Please click on Preferred First Name to access the preferred first name workflow with your Oasis ID and password. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your request has been reviewed and processed.

Pronoun Awareness

Personal pronouns are the words we use to refer to someone in third person, like “he,” “she,” or “they.” Pronouns are usually attached to gender. Gender is a central part of how we see ourselves and experience the world. 

At Columbia we are working towards integrating opportunities for people to ask and give personal pronouns that we do not assume how someone wants to be addressed. If you don’t know someone’s pronouns or what gendered words are comfortable use someone’s name until you know.


They/Them/Theirs (Singular)

"When Arley started at Columbia they were nervous. But now their new friends and teachers make them feel comfortable. Arley is happy they chose Columbia!"

Places where personal pronouns can be shared: 

When meeting new people ask what pronouns someone uses  and give your own. Student activities, meetings, classes and outings are all places pronouns can be asked and given. Once you know someone’s pronouns use those even when that person is not around. 

Email Signature
Part of the mission of Columbia is to support students in defining creative self and communicating that to world towards a professional career. Having a professional email signature that communicates your contact information, major, graduation year as well as personal pronouns is an important part of professional communication.

[Preferred Name]
Pronouns: [__/__/__]
[Major] [Graduation Year]

Name Tags and Buttons
Columbia has created pronoun inclusive name tags for use at programs and events and buttons for regular use. If you would like to include them with student organization or department’s materials use can download and print them here or pick up at button at the Multicultural Affairs event you attend!

Download the Name Tag Templates 

Download the Button Templates 

Educational Information

To share more information about personal pronouns across campus flyers and handouts are available for download and print.

A Guide to Pronoun Usage

All Gender Restrooms

Having access to restrooms is a necessary resource for everyone. In order to increase access to restrooms Columbia is continuing the process of converting all Single Use restrooms to All Gender Restrooms.

Here are the current All Gender Restrooms as of July 1, 2016:

Gender Inclusive Bathroom chart

Gender Inclusive Housing

Columbia College Chicago is committed to providing a safe, accepting and inclusive experience for all students.  The College has a nondiscrimination policy that includes gender identity and/or expression.  This policy extends to student housing.  As such, Residence Life is proud to offer Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) options. These living options provide an on-campus residence experience that welcomes students across all gender identities and/or expressions, including transgender, questioning or gender non-conforming students. All residential students, regardless of sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation have the option of requesting a gender-inclusive room on the housing application. 

The GIH options are available on the 2nd floor in731 South Plymouth Court and the 2nd & 3rd floor in The Arc. Every student assigned to this housing option will be assigned to a shared-bedroom, shared-apartment – averaging 4 students per apartment. GIH will not use gender as criteria in the assignment process. Students that request to live in GIH will be placed with other students who have also requested this housing option. Students may request a roommate through the application process, however, it is a request and cannot be guaranteed. Residence Life encourages students who may require additional GIH accommodation’s to contact us at 312-369-7803 or via email at

Educational Resources

To learn more about how to create supportive campus for LGBTQ students create account for free webinar either for students and/or faculty & staff here

The Library & Archive located at 624 S. Michigan Ave holds a plethora of books, movies, and magazines with information on LGBTQ topics which can be found in the curated database here

On Campus Resources

LGBTQ Culture & Community 
LGBTQ Culture & Community serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning student body of Columbia College Chicago through student support, educational programs, campus advocacy and celebratory events.

Common Ground

If you are seeking to explore your own identities of gender and sexuality, meet others in community or learn direct ways to be an aspiring ally Common Ground (CG) is a student lead group that creates an inclusive community with a LGBTQIA+ focus where all members are welcomed, respected, and affirmed in a safe space. CG invites all of those in our space to express their full authentic selves. The overarching goal is to promote the exploration of intersectionality through accessible education, activism, and support. Common Ground is a space for celebration and a space for change.

Learn more about Common Ground.
Email contact:

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is committed to helping students reach their highest academic personal potential. The aim is to help students fulfill their educational goals with minimal distractions. With the realization that students might encounter difficult situations that could impede their academic, personal, and social progress, services are designed to help students address concerns and increase self-awareness, while being empowered to manage challenging areas of their lives.

To make an initial appointment, students can call 312-369-8700 and learn more here

Student Code of Conduct and Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure (Title IX)

Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure (Title IX)
If you are seeking help in the case of sexual misconduct please refer to these resources for help, support, and information on reporting. 

Student Code of Conduct
If you are seeking help in the case of harassment, discrimination, physical assault, or any other disruptive behavior among the Columbia College Community, please refer to these resources for information on reporting and your student rights and responsibilities.