New Student Programs

New Columbia Parents

The Office of New Student Programs exists to facilitate everyone's transition to the Columbia College Chicago Community. Most of the time that means new students, but we're also here for parents and families with questions, concerns, hopes, fears, plans and any and all of the issues that come with the major transition to being a new student here at the largest arts & media college in the country.

And, we're also always available for questions, big or small. Email us. Call us. Come on by. We're happy to help make sure you have a great first year that sets you up for the best possible college experience you can dream of.

Information for Parents of New Students

Student Employment

Read about the great benefits of working on campus. 

Is Your Student Living On-Campus?

So you’re looking at your student waving in the rearview mirror in front of the University Center, you may be holding back tears and that’s okay! But what’s next?

Plan a Visit

So what if these Parent Weekends don’t work out for you?  We say, plan your own visit!


This is can be one of the most exciting days for the new student! You get to finally set up your new bedspread and your sweet collage of friends from home. Keep it fun by preparing for the move.