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Acoustics (BS)

About Acoustics (BS)

Effective acoustical design contributes to spaces, environments, and products that are safer, more useful, and more engaging. Columbia’s Acoustics BS Program develops marketplace-ready graduates for careers in architectural acoustics, environmental noise control, sound perception and cognition, and audio signal and vibration analysis. Our graduates have been working with world-renowned architects, consultants, and manufacturers since 1998.

About Audio Arts & Acoustics Department

Our Audio Arts & Acoustics programs live at the intersection of science and art. We systematically address the physics of sound production and transmission, the technology of audio equipment, the physiology of hearing, and the psychology of sound perception and cognition for the purpose of understanding and creatively exploring our sonic environment. Through this balance of science, technology, and creativity you will develop strong skills and aural sensibility and prepare yourself for a successful career in the many fields of audio. You will learn in our state-of-the-art recording studios, post-production suites, research facilities, and specialized classrooms and be given the tools and experience necessary to craft the soundscapes that enhance our everyday lives.

Recommended First Semester Classes

To support timely progress to degree, you must register to the following classes during your first semester:

  • • 56-2770 Calculus I*
  • • 56-1820 Science of Electronics
  • • 56-2820 The Science of Acoustics (or another General Education Requirement, if no seats are available)
  • • A First-Semester Experience course (48-1101 through 48-1114)**

*In order to register for Calculus I, you must have scored 25+ on the Math portion of the ACT or already successfully completed a college-level Pre-Calculus type of course.  

**If you are transferring more than 15 credits, youshould substitute an alternate LAS Core class for the First-Semester Experience course.

***If you are transferring in a college-level English course, you might need to register for Writing and Rhetoric 2 (52-1152). Refer to the Exams section of Oasis to double-check your scores.

For more information on taking/submitting your placement exam and on placement score ranges go to

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