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About Acting

Through the Acting major students will demonstrate competence in the performance techniques necessary to fully inhabit any role in which they are cast as well as select, prepare, and present representative and varied scenes and monologues from a range of sources. Manifest an awareness of and the ability to effectively utilize the body and voice as the actor’s instruments of communication. Utilize and integrate theory and process in the creation of character. Exhibit the ability to analyze text as it relates to performance. Integrate the techniques and skills developed through participation in theatre exercises, games, and improvisations to the preparation of scripted scenes. Assemble, rehearse, and perform a suitable personal audition package.

All Theatre majors are required to take the Foundation sequence. Any questions regarding the Acting major, students can contact Academic Coordinator Ed Mazzocco at 312-369-6103, or Jeff Ginsberg at 312-369-6128,

First-Semester Classes

We recommend you register for the following in your first semester:

  • • 31-1251 Theatre Foundation I: Making Theatre* (6 Credits)

*If students are unable to register for Theatre Foundation I: Making Theatre in your first semester, students will take it during the second semester. Other first semester suggested courses, for elective credit, include:

  • • 31-1310 Feldenkrais: Awareness through Movement
  • • 31-1350 Speaking Out
  • • 31-1500 Prod Tech: Crew
  • • 31-1510 Drafting for Theatre
  • • 31-1680 Foundations of Makeup
  • • 31-1690 Introduction to Auditioning (1 Credit) (5-week course)
  • • 31-2800 Playwriting Workshop I

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