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Creative Writing - Nonfiction

About Creative Writing - Nonfiction

The major in Creative Writing-Nonfiction introduces students to a variety of forms in nonfiction, helps them explore the history of the genre, and pushes them to find a way of creating nonfiction that is individual and original. Our goals for students are to have a clear sense of how open nonfiction is to new modes of expression, and to gain the knowledge that help them understand some major aspects of the history of its variations. Students work closely with accomplished and available faculty, and find opportunities to meet well-known visiting writers, such as John D'Gata, Maggie Nelson, Art Spiegelman, Claudia Rankine, Lia Purpura, Karen Finley, Carmen Giménez Smith, and Dinty Moore. The core of the major is the workshops (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced), culminating with a Thesis Development course designed to help prepare students to work on a manuscript and submit work into the community. The major also focuses on readings within the genre as well as other opportunities for literature courses. Our vibrant community and intensive curriculum have helped many students go on to work in publishing, enter graduate schools, and publish works.

Recommended First-Semester Classes

We recommend students take the following courses within their first semester as a Nonfiction major:

  • • 52-1900 Creative Nonfiction Workshop: Beginning
  • • 59-1100 Foundations in Creative Writing I

(We also recommend taking Writing & Rhetoric I and First Year Seminar.)

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