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Cultural Studies

About Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies is a dynamic, interdisciplinary, and rigorous field that seeks to understand, critique, and transform the complex cultural and social worlds we live in. By combining theory and practice, the Cultural Studies Program at Columbia College Chicago provides students with the critical tools and analytical skills that are essential to engaging the complexity of their social experiences and worlds, and to imagining and “authoring” a more inclusive and equitable society.

The curriculum emphasizes the civic dimension of cultural practices by viewing them from the standpoint of social justice, and it strongly emphasizes the active involvement of all forms of cultural knowledge and art practice in the everyday life of local and global communities.  Furthermore, the program explicitly combines theory and praxis, in which students take a broad range of elective courses drawn from each of the three schools in the College, including arts, media and foreign language courses. 

Seniors complete either a yearlong Capstone Research Thesis or Capstone Internship. These intensive capstone experiences provide a bridge between a student’s formal education and the professional world. Many graduates of our program have careers in the cultural industries (music and media, for example), cultural organizations (such as museums), non-governmental organizations, advocacy groups, and public health organizations. Many are selected into prestigious and competitive graduate schools.  Regardless of their careers and paths, our graduates become organic intellectuals and engaged citizens who not only truly care about the world they live in, but also make a difference in it!


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First-Semester Classes

Students should take the following courses in your first semester as an Cultural Studies major:

  • • 46-1100 Introduction to Cultural Studies*
  • • Any elective course, including any of the foreign language courses, offered through the Department of Humanities, History & Social Sciences

*46-1100 Introduction to Cultural Studies is a co-requisite with Writing & Rhetoric I. Students must be enrolled in or have placed out of Writing & Rhetoric I in order to register for this course. This course has no prerequisites. 

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