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About Fiction

The Department of Creative Writing offers a comprehensive program leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fiction Writing. Core writing workshops are taught with a variety of approaches, including the acclaimed Story Workshop method, developed by John Schultz, which emphasizes writing process as well as final product. The program also offers a range of classes on a level and scope unequaled in other undergraduate programs to complement and expand the writing done in core writing workshops. These include critical reading and writing classes to study how writers write, as well as elective specialty writing courses in genre and professional development such as young adult, science fiction, fantasy, and publishing. Beyond the classroom, the city of Chicago has a vibrant, powerful literary scene, and faculty, students, and alumni from Columbia’s Fiction Writing program are often at the center of it. Columbia fiction writing graduates have published widely in many areas, and possess training valuable to a broad range of professional fields.

Recommended First-Semester Classes

We recommend you choose some of the following classes for your first semester as a Fiction major:

  • • 59-1201 Fiction Writing I
  • • 59-1100 Foundations in Creative Writing I
  • • 59-1450 Tutoring in Fiction Writing (1-2 Credits) 

Other courses are possible in consultation with a Fiction Writing faculty member at Orientation