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Fine Arts

About the BA in Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts program offers opportunities to develop the capacity for ideation, expression and production, while allowing students to experience other creative fields. Students are encouraged to develop a studio practice supporting the creation of images, objects, visual, spatial and/or time-based experiences.

The faculty is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized artists active in the field and committed to teaching, research and lifelong learning. The philosophy stresses technical skills informed by ideas, a firm grounding in making, linkage to conceptualization and art theory and criticism, and the need for work to show awareness of contemporary issues. Courses in such areas as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, digital practices, performance art, as well as a variety of contemporary theory and history courses fosters an environment in which students can explore and expand methodologies to refine their personal voice and vision.

Recommended First Semester Classes

Studio courses are intensive in terms of time in the classroom as well as time outside of class to complete assignments. The curriculum is intentionally designed to allow students to take their general education courses (LAS) and major requirements concurrently.

For studio majors, a good rule of thumb in creating your schedule each semester is to balance 2–3 studio courses with LAS courses.

We recommend all Fine Art students take the following classes in the major during their first semester:

  • • 22-1105 Introduction to Visual Culture 
  • • 22-1910 Making I -OR- 22-1925 Making for Transfers 
  • • 22-1960 through 22-1979 Foundation Skill Courses–schedule one for each week of the five-week increments over the fifteen week semester, e.g. one for weeks 1-5, another for weeks 6-10, and the last for weeks 10-15.

We recommend the following Foundation Skills courses for Fine Art majors in their first semester (choose 3):

  • • 22-1967 Foundation Skill: Digital Camera
  • • 22-1971 Foundation Skill: Photoshop
  • • 22-1966 Foundation Skill: Drawing in Perspective
  • • 22-1979 Foundation Skill: Special TopicsL 2D to 3D Form

All freshmen are requireed to take these two LAS (general education) courses in their first semester:

  • • 52-1151 Writing & Rhetoric I (depending on placement)
  • • 48-1101 through 48-1114 First-Semester Experience

All transfer students have unique considerations when it comes to scheduling courses, depending on the type and number of courses being transferred.

We regret that we are unable to authorize students to register for courses above the foundations level without a portfolio review. If a portfolio review has not yet been scheduled for you, please contact Academic Program Coordinator, Jenn Jones, at to arrange for a portfolio review.

We recommend that you create a partial schedule prior to Orientation even if you need a portfolio review using the guidelines listed above.

Transfers should round out their schedule with LAS requirements they have not yet completed.