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Marketing Communication

About Marketing Communication

The Marketing Communication program offers concentrations in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations. The core purpose of the department is to educate students in the theory and practices of their chosen field. Our approach helps students match their individual strengths with their career goals and establishes a  forward-looking learning process that adapts to the dynamic nature of marketing communication.

The curriculum is structured to give students versatility by cross-educating them through required courses and suggested electives in the three concentrations. The versatility makes our students more desirable as “hires” in the marketing communication field, where professionals want well-rounded students who have integrated knowledge as well as skills in their specialized concentration.

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Recommended First-Semester Classes

We recommend students take the following courses within their first two semesters as a Marketing Communication major:

  • • 54-1500: Introduction to Marketing
  • • 54-1600: Introduction to Advertising
  • • 54-1700: Introduction to Public Relations

We recommend transfer students with 60 credits or more try to take all three courses above during their first semester.

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