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About Playwriting

The Playwriting Program’s Bachelor of Arts degree provides students with a full education in the art of playwriting, emphasizing dramatic writing technique along with the aesthetics and sensibilities of performance, ritual, and the collaborative nature of the dramatic arts. The Playwriting Program offers courses in writing practice and dramaturgy, as well as, performance and theatre practice, thereby providing the playwright with knowledge and experience related to performing text in a three-dimensional space.

Recommended First-Semester Classes

We recommend you register for the following in your first semester:

  • • 55-4323/31-2800 Playwriting Workshop I
  • • 31-1251 Theatre Foundation I: Making Theatre*

*Theatre programs are very popular this year. If you are unable to register for Theatre Foundation I: Making Theatre in your first semester, you will take it during your second semester. Other first semester suggested courses, for Elective credit, include:

  • • 31-1200 Acting I: Basic Skills
  • • 31-1300 Voice Training for the Actor I
  • • 31-1305 Body Movement for Actors I
  • • 31-1310 Feldenkrais: Awareness through Movement
  • • 31-1350 Speaking Out
  • • 31-1435 Musical Theatre Dance for the Singer/Actor
  • • 31-1500 Prod Tech: Crew
  • • 31-1510 Drafting for Theatre
  • • 31-1680 Foundations of Makeup
  • • 31-2800 Playwriting Workshop I

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