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About Television

Television is the medium that best captures and reflects the culture of our time and our students contribute to both the local and global communities as they inform, entertain, and inspire us all. For the first two years students are creating television, in a wide variety of production classes at the same time they are learning storytelling and analytical skills. The concentrations are built on the broad knowledge of the core and students focus in one of four areas: Writing/Producing, Directing/Production, Post-production/Effects, and Internet & Mobile Media. Each concentration explores in-depth their area, offering the students a wide range of experience, working both individually or on one of the variety of award winning departmental shows.

Recommended First-Semester Classes

The Learning Community is our foundation program and is highly recommended for all Transfer Students and for incoming freshmen who are ready to declare Television as a Major. If you are not ready to declare, see another option below.*

This yearlong immersion experience delivers six linked courses with a project-based curriculum. This hands-on program lets you take foundation courses as you work on individual and group projects building technical, creative and collaborative skills. After this first year of intense study, you will be ready for advanced course work in any of our four concentrations.

The First Semester Learning Community Courses are:

  • • 40-1103 Aesthetics and Storytelling
  • • 40-2302 Production and Editing I
  • • 40-1302 Television ARTS: Production

Second Semester courses are:

  • • 40-2100 Television ARTS: Writing
  • • 40-2401 Production and Editing II
  • • 40-2301 Television ARTS: Directing

For more information or to reserve a seat, contact Laura Levitt-Gamis at

*For students who are still deciding on a Major or who would like a more leisurely pace, we recommend you take the following individual classes in your first semester as a Television major:

  • • 40-1103 Aesthetics and Storytelling
  • • 40-1302 Television Arts: Production 

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