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Theatre Directing (Admitted BFA only)

About Theatre

Through the Directing BFA major program, students will demonstrate a broad knowledge in and appreciation for all areas of theatre practice and an understanding of the theory and practice of directing necessary for the preparation of a script, the planning and execution of rehearsals, and collaborating with actors and designers in the service of their direction of a full length play. Students will earn the organizational skills necessary to mount credible productions of scripted and original material and the fluency in the discipline-wide study of theatrical production and design, vocal and physical training, acting skills and theatre history. Students will direct a one-act play and at least one full- length play and have a completed portfolio that has charted their growth and accomplishments as directors.

All Theatre majors are required to take the Theatre Foundation course sequence. Any questions regarding the major please contact Ed Mazzocco, Academic Coordinator (312-369-6103, or Susan Padveen (312-369-6104,

Recommended First-Semester Classes

We recommend you register for the following in your first semester:

  • • 55-4323/31-2800 Playwriting Workshop I
  • • 31-1251 Theatre Foundation I: Making Theatre*

*Theatre programs are very popular this year. If you are unable to register for Theatre Foundation I: Making Theatre in your first semester, you will take it during your second semester. Other first semester suggested courses, for Elective credit, include:

  • • 31-1200 Acting I: Basic Skills
  • • 31-1300 Voice Training for the Actor I
  • • 31-1305 Body Movement for Actors I
  • • 31-1310 Feldenkrais: Awareness through Movement
  • • 31-1350 Speaking Out
  • • 31-1435 Musical Theatre Dance for the Singer/Actor
  • • 31-1500 Prod Tech: Crew
  • • 31-1510 Drafting for Theatre
  • • 31-1680 Foundations of Makeup
  • • 31-2800 Playwriting Workshop I

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