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Interactive Arts and Media (BA)

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At the forefront of emerging media and technologies, the Interactive Arts and Media Department provides degree programs that are technically rigorous and creatively challenging By learning how to create games, mobile apps, sound designs, interactive media and dynamic interfaces, students in IAM become creative technologists, able to design meaningful experiences in the worlds of entertainment, art, education and industry.

IAM’s state-of-the-art facilities, expert faculty and strong alliances with local and national industry partners ensure that students emerge with the digital toolset and hands-on, team-based experiences necessary to succeed in the expanding arena of game development, mobile computing, web design and interactive art.

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Interactive Arts and Media (BA)

The IAM major emphasizes the principles of user interface and experience design anchored by a strong dose of back-end technical skill development. You will acquire proficiency in web-based programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, CSS, XML, MySQL, HTML and HTML5 and be able to apply these languages to the creation of a variety of media with interactivity at their center. Through foundation courses, you will learn the relationship between media and computational theory, art and technology. You will learn to create 2D, 3D and time-based digital content using a variety of multimedia authoring tools and integrate that content into responsive interactive applications. By synthesizing your digital design skills, creativity and knowledge of user-centered interaction theory, you will create versatile projects that reach a wide variety of clients and audiences.

In your senior year, you will participate in a dynamic capstone Team class where you will perform a specialized role within an interactive multimedia production team and contribute your own brand of expertise to the completion of a real-world client driven project. Upon successful completion of the program, you will present a professional web-based portfolio featuring your body of work that demonstrates a mastery of navigational interfaces, search engine optimization and visual identity design.

The IAM major prepares you to enter professional work within the creative industries as an interaction designer, interactive creative director, user experience designer, user interface developer or web developer/designer. With a minor in Marketing and Communication, you will also be prepared for jobs as social media strategists, web analysts and online community managers.

For Orientation

If you’re interested in transferring credits from another institution that you think would duplicate or substitute for IAM's offerings in the major, you must demonstrate both theoretical and practical proficiency in the subject matter.

For credit in the following core courses, students should be prepared to show online work samples:

  • •Digital Image Design (36-1300)
  • •Authoring Interactive Media (36-2601)

Recommended First-Semester Classes

We recommend all IAM students take the following courses in their first semester:

  • •36-1501 Introduction to Programming
  • •36-1010 Computational Media Development
  • •36-1300 Digital Image Design

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