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Mobile Media Programming

About IAM

At the forefront of emerging media and technologies, the Interactive Arts and Media Department provides degree programs that are technically rigorous and creatively challenging By learning how to create games, mobile apps, sound designs, interactive media and dynamic interfaces, students in IAM become creative technologists, able to design meaningful experiences in the worlds of entertainment, art, education and industry.

IAM’s state-of-the-art facilities, expert faculty and strong alliances with local and national industry partners ensure that students emerge with the digital toolset and hands-on, team-based experiences necessary to succeed in the expanding arena of game development, mobile computing, web design and interactive art.

About Mobile Media Programming

Graduates with a degree in Mobile Media Programming become creative coders competent in applying interactive principles and theories to mobile and web development. They learn to think and act as innovators, adept at using a variety of technologies and processes to express ideas and solve web and mobile media design problems. Graduates in this major will display high-level proficiency in understanding and applying the principles of user-centered theory and workflow to the creation of interactive applications and mobile media.

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First-Semester Classes

Students should take the following courses in their first semester:

  • •36-1010 Computational Media Development
  • •36-1300 Digital Image Design

Transfer students may also take 36-1501, Introduction to Programming.


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