New Student Programs

New Student Orientation

All new students are required to participate in New Student Orientation. This is where you will meet fellow students, learn about campus, get your campus card, and register for classes. 

All Orientation dates are organized by major to ensure you get a chance to hear from faculty in your department on how to best begin your academic career in your field. It is important you attend your Orientation date on the right day to get a solid start.

Once you have RSVPed for Orientation, make sure you have the correct placement information on file.

RSVP Information

To RSVP for Orientation, you must have confirmed your attendance by paying your tuition deposit. These payments take up to 48 hours to process; if you have paid your deposit recently, you may not yet be cleared to RSVP.

When you successfully complete your RSVP form, you will receive a confirmation email that verifies you have reserved your spot. If you login again to change any information, please be advised you may forfeit the spot you have reserved.

Sign-up for Fall 2016 Orientation will open on April 4!