Transfer Credit Evaluation

These pages provide information on transferring credits to Columbia. Students who begin their education at one institution and then transfer to Columbia will be able to determine how the courses they have taken will fulfill either Columbia's Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements or in some cases, courses in their chosen major.

Early Planning
Students planning to transfer to Columbia should consult with their college transfer center or academic advisor early in their academic career to obtain specific information on transferring general education and major course credits.

Send transcripts for evaluation purposes to:
Columbia College Chicago
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
600 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

Degree Evaluators

Names A-K
Michael Kilinski,

Names L-Z
Cory Byrd,


Transfer Credit Policy
  • Columbia College Chicago accepts transfer credit from other regionally accredited colleges or universities and will consider transfer credit from select institutions with discipline-specific accreditation, located in Illinois or out of state. Transfer courses must be completed with a C grade or better and be similar or equivalent in content to those offered by Columbia.
  • Effective fall 2014, Columbia College Chicago participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) as a receiving institution.
  • A maximum of 75 credits from a regionally accredited two or four year institution for students beginning Fall 2015 or later.
  • Transfer credit from any combination of regionally accredited two year institution, four year institution, Advanced Placement, CLEP, military and/or Life Experience is limited to a maximum of 75 credits.
  • No more than 4 semester credits of Physical Education will be accepted.
  • The final 12 credits needed for graduation must be taken in residence at Columbia College Chicago.

Deadline for Transfer Credit Submission

The acceptance of transfer credit is at the sole discretion of the college. To be accepted, transfer credit must be received by the Office of Degree Evaluation before the end of the student's first semester of attendance at Columbia. Students wishing to transfer credit after matriculation must submit such credit before the end of their next semester at Columbia.

Credit Not Accepted

Developmental, Adult Education, Continuing Education, ESL, Internships, Independent Study, Topics, Workshop, or Seminar courses are not transferable.

Advanced Placement Credit

Qualifying scores on Advanced Placement tests may be accepted as transfer credit. Official records must be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office for consideration. If at the time of testing students wish to have scores sent to Columbia the school code of 1135 should be noted. Credit for Advanced Placement scores is applicable only to students with freshman or sophomore standing and is considered inappropriate for more advanced students. More information about AP credit is available at CollegeBoard.

AP credit for 2015 exams

AP credit for exams taken prior to 2015

CLEP Credit

Columbia will evaluate CLEP scores for possible transfer credit. Students must submit official CLEP score reports to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. The list of CLEP subjects, scores, and credits is available at CollegeBoard.

Life Experience Credit

Under special circumstances, a student may be granted up to 16 credits in their major for life and work experience. Apply to the Records Office for evaluation of non-college learning experiences.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Credit is accepted for test scores of 4 or higher.

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Credit is accepted for A and AS Level exams with grades of A to E in subjects similar to those offered at Columbia College Chicago.

Military Credit

Veteran may be eligible for active duty and service school credit on the basis of information from official copies of military records. Please contact E.J. Talbot, Veterans Affairs Coordinator, in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


Transferology is a searchable, web-based tool that displays course equivalencies between Columbia and other institutions.

Credit Toward Major

In most cases, transfer courses in your major will be evaluated and accepted as college wide electives. If you would like us to consider applying specific transfer courses toward your major, please review the departmental procedures for that major.

Sample Transfer Credit Evaluation Report


This report lists the transfer credit Columbia has accepted from your previous institution.

Columbia College Chicago
Office of Degree Evaluation
Official Transfer Credit Report

Your name
Your address

Transfer Institution Columbia College Chicago
Course # Course Title Hours App Course # Course Title
BIO109 Human Biology 3.00 SC
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Sciences Science requirement.)

ART 411 Advanced Typography 3.00
(Three credits accepted and applied as college wide electives.)

ENG 205 Women in American Literature 3.00 HL PL
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Science Literature requirement and also satisfies the American Pluralism requirement.)

ENGL105 Composition I 3.00 EN 52-1151 Writing and Rhetoric I
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Sciences Communications requirement and the transfer course also is equivalent to a required Columbia course.)

SOC107 Introduction to Sociology 3.00 SS
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Science requirement.)

HIS250 History of China 3.00 HI GA
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Sciences History requirement plus the transfer course satisfies the Global Awareness requirement.)
Total Credit Accepted 18.00 credits
Name of College or University

Comments: _______________________________________________________

Evaluator: __________________________________________ Date: _________

Applied Toward Codes (App):

Here are Columbia's Liberal Arts and Sciences Core codes & requirements
and the corresponding codes we use for them:

EN: Writing and Rhetoric
SP: Oral Communication
SS: Social Science
HI: History
PL: American Pluralism
SC: Science without lab
SL: Science with lab
HU: Humanities
GA: Global Awareness
HL: Humanities/Literature
MA: Mathematics

Transfer courses listed without codes have been accepted as college wide electives.

To request that transfer courses be considered toward a major, please contact the Office of Degree Evaluation

Transfer Credit Evaluation FAQ's

How do I get my transfer credits evaluated?
Arrange for your previous college or university to send an official copy of your transcript to the Columbia College Chicago.

Where do I send the transcripts?
Columbia College Chicago
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
600 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

How many credits will be accepted?
Our Transfer Credit Policy states that a total of 62 credits will be accepted from a two-year school and 88 credits from a four- year school. The maximum number of credits accepted from any combination of two- and four-year schools is 88. Only classes with grades of "C" or better will be accepted and the content must be the same or similar to those courses offered at Columbia.

Will my grades transfer too?
No, the grades in your transfer classes will not appear on your Columbia College transcript and the grades will not be part of your Columbia College grade point average.

My previous college was on the quarter system. How are quarter hours converted to semester credits?
The conversion of quarter hours to semester credits is as follows:

Quarter Hours Semester credits
1 .67
2 1.34
3 2.01
4 2.68
5 3.35

Will Columbia College accept courses from every other college and university?
No, the school must be regionally accredited or in some cases, we may consider credit from an institution with national accreditation.

I don't see my school in your Participating Institutions list.
Not every school is listed. Please read the information about accreditation to see if your school is appropriately accredited for the transfer of credit to Columbia.

Are all classes accepted?
No, transfer courses must be similar to those taught at Columbia College. They cannot be developmental classes (below college level 101) and must have been completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

How will I know when my credits have been evaluated?
You will receive a transfer credit evaluation report in the mail.

What if I have questions about my evaluation?
Contact one of the transcript evaluators in the Office of Degree Evaluation.