Career Planning with Sigi

career planning with sigi

*** As of 9/30/13 we will be discontinuing our Sigi subscription. If you have an existing account, you can save your results by logging in to Sigi and selecting Review Your Results. You have the option to email yourself a copy of your results page. Check out our new assessment system, Journey ***

Exploring Careers with Sigi

Change happens. Maybe you’re realizing your major isn’t quite right for you. Or you’re graduating and want to explore other career paths available to you.

The Portfolio Center has a system available to help you explore and make decisions about your career. Sigi is a complete career exploration and planning system. It can help you:

  • Explore your interests and strengths
  • Identify majors and careers that may be a fit
  • Research majors and career paths
  • Make decisions about your direction

To log in to Sigi, click here.

You will need to use your loop email address to register. This is a totally free system for you to use as a student!

Check out our Sigi Worksheet on the right for a walk through of how we recommend using the system.

If you would like one on one feedback after completing the Sigi system and you are a current student or recent graduate (within six months of graduation) you can schedule an appointment with Christie Andersen Asif, the Career Development Specialist. Call us at 312-369-7280.

Once you take Sigi, let us know what you think.