Internship Coordinator Contact Information


Students, we don’t need to convince you. Resume, portfolio, and network builder combined, internships are a critical piece of your career development. Whether you are actively seeking an internship for the next semester or are preparing for one next year, your first step is to contact your internship coordinator (listed below). She/he will tell you about departmental requirements, deadlines, and procedures for interning for credit.

In addition to working with your internship coordinator, you can login to ColumbiaWorks to search for available internships (for and not for credit), get help with your resume by visiting our Resume Guide, or visit the Portfolio Center for a one-on-one appointment to polish your portfolio and materials.

Employers, each department at Columbia College Chicago has different guidelines for students earning college credit for internships. If you are anticipating that a student will get college credit for an internship, please contact the appropriate departmental belowand they will inform you of the guidelines and requirements. 

Internship Coordinators and Internship Guidelines by Department or Program:

Advertising & Public Relations Julie Harris 312-369-7342
Advertising Art Direction Guy Villa 312-369-7173
Audio Arts & Acoustics Benj Kanters 312-369-8807
Art & Art History Taylor Hokanson 312-369-7173
Business & Entrepreneurship Keirstin Lincoln 312-369-6535
Broadcast Journalism Jennifer Halperin 312-369-8994
Cinema Art + Science Lyn Pusztai 312-369-6727
Creative Arts Therapies Laura Allen 312-369-7963
Creative Writing Devon Polderman 312-369-8775
Cultural Studies Sean Andrews 312-369-3246    
Dance Pam McNeil 312-369-8321
English Hilary Sarat-StPeter 312-369-8125
Fashion Studies Melissa Gamble 312-369-6288
Fine Art Guy Villa 312-369-7173
Graphic Design Guy Villa 312-369-7173
HHSS Sean Andrews 312-369-3246
Illustration Guy Villa 312-369-7173
Interior Architecture Petra Probstner 312-369-7155
Interactive Arts & Media Laura Daniels 312-369-6883
Interpreter Training: ASL - English Interpretation Peter Cook 312-369-7837
Journalism Jennifer Halperin 312-369-8994
Music Rebecca Harlow 312-369-7977
Photography Krista Svalbonas 312-369-7505
Product Design Guy Villa 312-369-7173
Radio Tom Joyce 312-369-8158
Science & Mathematics Dr. Michelle Rafacz 312-369-8505
Television Aundrea Parsons 312-369-7457
Theatre Caroline Latta 312-369-6138