Design Assistance

Design requests for the spring 2015 semester have now ended. Do not panic quite yet, though!

Please note the following:

* Those who have applied and/or have been accepted to Portfolio Day 2015 have two dedicated design days (4/6 and 4/10). Call 312-369-7280 to schedule.

* Alumni can utilize Portfolio Center services up to six months after graduation.

* If you are still in need of Graphic Design assistance, please contact us at 312-369-7280 directly to see if there are any cancellations. (Note there are no guarantees)

* Although we do not offer design assistance during the summer, we will be posting the fall 2015 request form and schedule towards the end of the summer. Please keep checking back here for more information.

* We encourage those who are seeking graphic design work to explore the designers that are available on Talent Pool.

Please call us at 312-369-7280 if you have any questions.