Production Guidelines

Production Submissions

Hello Shooters, Directors, Editors and Cinematographers: You’re probably asking what Spot Shot is all about. The Portfolio Center and the Marketing Communication department are holding a competition (Get Your Spot Shot) giving Advertising Art, Copywriting and other creative students the opportunity to submit their best commercial idea. One concept will be chosen and we’d like to enlist YOU to collaborate with them to create one amazing spot.

Deadline for reel submissions: 5PM Monday, April 15, 2013

  • Production Guidelines

      1. Students from any major may apply for crew positions but must have relevant production experience.

      2. Advanced-level students are eligible to apply for producer, director, cinematographer and editor positions.

      3. Directors, cinematographers and editors must submit a reel with their application materials.

      4. Students may apply as a creative team. For example: Producer/director, director/DP, or director/editor teams. There is no guarantee that both students will be selected.

      5. Filmmakers will be assigned one 30 second commercial concept to produce. The concept cannot be changed, however you will be working with the creative team to finalize the script need be.

      6. The selected directors will work with a faculty/staff advisory team to ensure they are ready for production.

      7. Projects will have access to a limited budget for production costs. This budget will be determined by the sponsoring departments. Students do not directly receive any money.

      8. All participants will be asked to sign a release form acknowledging the Portfolio Center as executive producer of the project and that all rights are held by Columbia College and the Portfolio Center. All cast and crew will be able to put the material on their website and reel.

      9. Production will begin May 2013.

      10. The completed project will be showcased on the Portfolio Center website and may be submitted to advertising competitions.


  • FAQ
    1. Can I participate if I’m not a producer, director, DP or editor?Why sure! Please fill out an application form and let us know what role you would like to play in this project. All positions are open (subject to need): location sound, production design, production manager, assistant director, gaffer, boom op, wardrobe, sound design, location scout, script supervisor, casting, grips, props, post sound, production assistant.


    2. What does “advanced level filmmaker” mean?

    “Advanced level” refers to students who have experience working on student or independent films. If you are applying as a director, cinematographer or editor and don’t have work samples then you probably aren’t what we consider advanced. Basically, what have you worked on beyond Moving Image Production I and Moving Image Production II?

    3. My major isn’t film. Can I still apply to participate?

    Yes. If you feel you have relevant experience and talents suited for commercial production then, by all means, apply and let us know your desired position.

    4. Can I participate if I’ve already graduated?

    If you graduated December 2012, you are eligible to participate. If you’ve graduated before then, sorry, we’d like to keep the productions student-based.

    5. How is the production team selected?

    Students may apply to work on the production. A selection committee will choose directors, cinematographers, editors, etc who seem most capable of completing the projects on the basis of their reels and application. All other positions will be filled on the basis of need.

    6. If I’m chosen to direct a project, can I find my own crew?

    For the most part, yes. If you are applying as a director and would like to work with a producer, DP, or editor that you know, please apply as a team. Both individuals need to submit a reel or work sample. There are no guarantees that both individuals will be selected. Please encourage any other crew (besides directors, DPs, and editors) you prefer to work with to apply individually. Once again there is no guarantee that all crew members will be selected.

    7. What format will these projects be shot in?

    All commercials will be shot in HD format or with a camera with 24p capability. Cameras used will depend on equipment availability and DP qualifications.

    8. Where does the equipment come from?

    We will work with the Film & Video department to secure basic camera, lighting and gear necessary for your shoot. However, this ain’t Hollywood. Jib arms and cranes probably will not fit into your budget. You'll need to get creative.

    9. What about casting?

    This can go a couple of ways. Directors are able to cast on their own or we may be able to schedule an open casting call.

    10. How many days are the shoots?

    Normally 1-2 days but when we begin pre-production, key crew will meet with the Portfolio Center staff and plan what is appropriate for each project.

    11. Do I really get money to shoot this?

    No, you don't actually get the money. Your project will have a limited budget determined by the sponsoring departments for production related costs. All money will be handled by the Portfolio Center. We will work with the student producers and directors of the projects to create your shooting budget, but you don't get to touch or see any money...

    12. Do production members get paid?

    No. Food and beverage, of course, will be allocated accordingly in the budget and provided on set.

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