General Eligibility Requirements for Students

General Eligibility Image

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours in a degree program. Note that Federal Work-Study and International students must be enrolled full-time.
  • Have identification documents. These may include a U.S. Passport, Social Security Card, Current Driver's License or State ID. Permanent Residents must show their alien registration document (Green card). International students must have a valid passport, F1 Visa, and I-20. International students who do not have a social security card must apply for one when hired.

Looking for On-Campus Jobs

  • Visit and login as a student. You must upload a current resume in the MY DOCUMENTS tab.
  • Click on JOBS, then select JOB SEARCH.
  • Select Student Employment: Student Worker for POSITION TYPE and click search.
  • Click APPLY ONLINE at the top of a job profile to submit your resume and apply for a position.
  • Your application will go to a supervisor who may contact you for an interview.

Hiring Process

  • Arrange a work schedule that does not conflict with your classes.
  • Your supervisor will complete your Work Authorization form online to hire you.

Never worked on campus?

  • Before you start working, bring your "identification documents" to Student Employment to be placed on payroll.
  • Also bring a voided check or ACH letter from your bank with the bank's routing number and your account number.You will receive your check through direct deposit. The Payroll Office will assist you if you don't have a checking or savings account.
  • Federal and state taxes will be taken out of your paycheck based on how you complete the W-4 tax withholding forms.
  • Student Employment processes students for payroll Monday - Thursday from 10am to 3pm.

International students who don't have a social security number must take letters from the Assistant Dean of International Student Affairs and Student Employment to the Social Security Administration to apply for a social security card

International students are not paid until the social security card is issued.

Summer Employment

  • Your supervisor will evaluate your job performance at the end of the spring semester and notify you if you are rehired for the summer.
  • Students must be enrolled for the summer or registered for the fall for at least 6 credit hours.
  • Social Security tax (FICA) will be deducted from your earnings if you are not enrolled for the summer.
  • Your supervisors will inform you if you will work more than 20 hours a week during the summer.
  • Federal Work-Study earnings may be used as a resource for the next semester.
  • Speak with Student Financial Services concerning summer Federal Work Study.

On the Job

  • Review your work authorization and job description with your supervisor to make sure you are on payroll and understand your job duties.
  • Be eager to learn, and dress appropriately for the office.
  • Report to work on time and always inform your supervisor if you will be late or absent.
  • Know that you can be terminated for repeated tardiness, absenteeism, or poor job performance.
  • Your supervisor will evaluate your job performance at the end of the spring semester or at the end of your employment.
  • Know that you cannot work in more than one on-campus job at the same time.

Work Schedule

  • You and your supervisor will determine your work schedule.
  • You cannot work more than 8 hours a day.
  • Student Workers and Federal Work-Study students cannot work more than 20 hours a week.

Pay Schedule

  • You will only be paid for hours you work. You will not be paid for vacation time, sick time, holidays, or a lunch hour.
  • Your earnings are not applied to your tuition and fees.
  • You will be paid on the 1st and 15th of each month through direct deposit
  • Your supervisor is responsible for submitting your time to Payroll each pay period per the "timesheet due date" listed on the hourly payroll schedule.
  • Know who can enter your time if your supervisor is not available when the timesheet is due.

Please note: All student employees are required to read the Student Employment Handbook.