Virtual Job Fair: Student and Alumni Info

Virtual Job Fair

On Wednesday, June 11th at 10 AM - Sunday, June 15th at midnight, scout out paid job opportunities at our June 2014 Virtual Job Fair.

How does it work?

Log in to ColumbiaWorks and visit the "Event Registration" tab on the top of the page to register.

Once registered, polish and upload your resume.

Then, visit the fair page June 11-15 and apply to jobs that interest you. Employers will contact you if they are interested in moving forward. Simple!

Current students and recent graduates (6 months out) - Want some one-on-one help?

Resume reviews are available by appointment. Call us at 312-369-7280 to schedule.

Having trouble using ColumbiaWorks? 

Email or call 312-369-6844.

Turning a Virtual Job Fair into a Real Job: Prepare, make an impression, and follow-up

The Virtual Job Fair is a special three-day opportunity for you to get the attention of companies who are currently hiring for specific positions.  You lose the impact of a face-to-face meeting, but there are a few ways to be sure you still grab attention.


Advance prep is even more important for a virtual fair!

Update your resume Update your resume

This document is your representative at the virtual job fair. Be sure yours is polished and up to date, free of typos, and reviewed by at least one professional. Format/design are even more critical without your smiling face to back it up!  Make sure it looks polished, unique, and easy to read.

Polish your portfolio Polish your portfolio

Talking about your designs just doesn’t have the same impact as showing them. Compile your work, have it reviewed beforehand, and get it online. You won’t be able to submit work samples via ColumbiaWorks, but you CAN include a URL on your resume.

ColumbiaWorks maintenance Do some ColumbiaWorks maintenance

All applications go through ColumbiaWorks, so it’s time for some clean up. First, make sure you can log in. Second, click on My Account - My Profile and make sure your information is up to date. Next, click on My Documents and remove any outdated resumes. Upload your new one and you are ready to roll!

Research the company Research the companies

Once we announce who is participating, do a little digging. Research what each company does. Check out their past work, client list, and news about them online. All of this can eventually be included in a cover letter.

Make an Impression

Find ways to communicate your value online.

Follow directions Follow Instructions

Companies will post open jobs starting the day of the fair.  You will need to apply for every individual position you are interested in.

Cover letter Don’t Forget the Cover Letter

Once you see which positions are available, take time to write personalized cover letters to each position you apply to. ColumbiaWorks will allow you to upload multiple versions, or you can include them in the text box that appears when you apply. Sending good cover letters can make the difference between getting the interview and getting ignored.


Follow Up

Keep a good momentum going and the application goes out.

What comes next What Comes Next?

For this specific event it is difficult (sometimes impossible) to follow up with any of the companies participating. When you apply, they receive your materials and will follow up only if they want to interview you. This can be frustrating, but make note of companies you are especially excited about. Watch their websites for additional postings that might be a fit.

Keep records Keep Records

When you are job searching it’s always a good idea to keep track of where and when you are applying. If you hear back from companies, you can always refer back to ColumbiaWorks for a reminder of the job description and the materials you sent. These can be found by clicking on My Account – My Activity.