Faculty and Staff

The Portfolio Center is bundled together with a Career Development Specialist and Student Employment. We provide students with career information, portfolio preparation and job opportunities. And we work best when we work closely with faculty. Please read through the program descriptions below and contact us to collaborate.


CLASS PRESENTATIONS: One-hour presentations inform students about portfolio best practices and industry trends in their field of study.  We also detail the services offered at the Portfolio Center.  If you think your students (freshmen through seniors and graduate students) would benefit from a class presentation, please fill out and submit a request. Presentation Request Form

WEB PORTFOLIOS:  We now offer students (faculty and staff) free accounts with VIRB.com.  VIRB is a top-of-the-line web-building system with elegant site designs and that incorporate optional blog and a domain name registration services. VIRB sites are easy to set up for novices and allow “those who code” greater customization of their sites. A series of workshops run each semester to help students (and you) get started. We also run workshops for advanced users and problem solving. More about VIRB

TALENT POOL: Be sure to tell your students about Talent Pool.  This highly searchable web-based system connects students to potential employers and to other students seeking collaboration. Students create a profile that serves as a snapshot of their portfolio-in-progress and their immediate goals. Setting up a profile is easy. Talent Pool has over 3,200 student and alumni profiles and is growing every day.

RESUMES and RESEARCH: Our website is peppered with resources from Quick Guides for task-oriented instruction to tutorials for creating business plans and resume writing. Feel free to refer students to our website and let us know if you’d like us to develop new information or instruction in your area of interest. We also offer a Teaching Guide to help you build portfolio development into your syllabus.


We are especially interested to work closely with capstone faculty to provide in-depth resources to your students. Let us know how we can work with you.

SHOW OFF PORTFOLIO REVIEWS: Throughout the semester professionals visit us specifically to review your student’s work in 20 minute, one-on-one, meetings.

INDUSTRY TREND SESSIONS: These sessions are scheduled during your class period and take place in the Portfolio Center. We’ll moderate a discussion about portfolios between a couple of (media specific) industry professionals and your students, followed by optional group portfolio reviews.  It’s a great way to ease students into the portfolio development process.

PORTFOLIO LAB: Students can receive graphic design assistance for all of their portfolio and branding needs from advance design students working in our Lab.  Designers work one-on-one with students to create business cards, print books, press kits and more.  Headshots and reel editing can also be arranged, pending demand.

FINAL CRITIQUES: We invite you to hold your final critique in the Portfolio Center. We will invite appropriate professionals to review your student’s work, if you wish.


Contact the following staff members for more information regarding specific programs:

What else? You tell us.  We're always looking for new ways to collaborate.