Transcripts for all former and current students are issued upon receipt of a request through National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment.  No other requests are accepted. The Office of the Registrar does not fax transcripts. 

Transcript requests are processed in the order in which they are received. The normal processing time is 2 business days, however, during peak times and registration, this time period may be longer.

Please indicate on your request if you attended Sherwood Music School or Columbia College's Continuing Education Program.

Official transcripts will be sent to the address indicated on the request. If so desired, they will be mailed directly to students in a sealed envelope. Transcripts mailed to students will be stamped "Issued to Student".  Electronic transcripts will not have this notation.  Official transcripts bear the signature of the Registrar and the school seal.

Your transcript is the record of your accepted transfer credit and your classes at Columbia College. This entire document will be sent. Partial transcripts are not issued. 

Transcripts from other schools are not issued. These must be obtained directly from that institution.

Transcript fees
  • Official Transcript: $10.00 per copy (2 day processing time)
  • Next day service: $10.00 per copy (does not include special mailing fees below)
  • Special Mailing Fees (Subject to change without notice)
    • FEDEX: $10.00 (Note: FEDEX will not deliver to a Post Office box)
    • International express mail (FEDEX):$30.00

For next day service, the request must be received by 4:00 p.m. The transcript will be produced in 24 hours, excluding requests submitted on Friday. Next day requests received on Friday will be ready on Monday.

Next day service means that the transcript will be mailed the day after the request has been received. The Office of the Registrar cannot be responsible for the length of time the transcript is in the mail.

How to order your transcript

How to order your transcript- paper or electronic           

You have the option of ordering either a paper or electronic version of your transcript.

For a paper transcript, to be sent through the mail, use the National Student Clearinghouse ordering service. For an electronic transcript, use the Parchment ordering service.

Ordering paper transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse

You can order your transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse using any major credit card. Your card will only be charged after your order is completed. Order updates will be e-mailed to you, and you can track your order online.

If you have OASIS access, login to the portal, select the Students tab, and click the Student Self-Service link. Your Social Security Number must be on record in OASIS to use this service. Transcript requests submitted through the National Student Clearinghouse will automatically be cancelled after 30 days if there is a financial hold or if the Clearinghouse does not receive the consent form (if required). The consent form can be signed electronically, which is the recommended way to process this form.

If you do not have OASIS access, go directly to the Clearinghouse secure site to order your transcript

Ordering an electronic transcript from Parchment

Columbia College Chicago has partnered with Parchment to provide a secure electronic method to send official transcripts.  Please be sure that the recipient will accept a transcript sent in this format.  Parchment fees are non-refundable.  Order updates will be e-mailed and your order can be tracked online.  If you attended prior to the Fall 1984 semester, or attended Sherwood School of Music or Columbia's Continuing Education Program, you will not be able to use this service.

If you require any additional information, contact the Office of the Registrar at 312-369-7769 or

Students with outstanding financial obligations

Transcripts will not be released for students who have an outstanding financial obligation, Exit Counseling hold, or Library hold. Contact Student Financial Services at 866-705-0200 if you have questions regarding your account. Contact the library at 312-369-7152. Upon resolving any financial or exit counseling holds with Student Financial Services, or Library holds, please inform the Office of the Registrar at 312-369-7769. Requests will be held for 30 days, after that time, please submit a new request. Transcript requests submitted will automatically be cancelled after 30 days if there is a hold or if the Clearinghouse does not receive the consent form (if required). The consent form can be signed electronically, which is the recommended way to process this form.