New Student Placement at Columbia College Chicago is a resource to ensure that students who need credits in college level mathematics and English composition begin in the most appropriate level of our curriculum. All students, regardless of major, are required to complete English and mathematics courses to complete their degree, and New Student Placement can assist with making sure students begin at the most appropriate level.

If a student already has college level credits in English or mathematics, they will not be required to have placement scores on file because the college level credits will determine if a student needs to take additional courses in English or mathematics, or if the degree requirements are already complete. Students should ensure that all college level credits are submitted to Columbia College Chicago as early as possible to ensure they receive appropriate and accurate advice. If a student has questions regarding whether or not their requirements have already been fulfilled, they can speak with either the Degree Evaluators in the Registrar’s Office or an Academic Advisor in the College Advising Center.

If a student does not have college level credits in English or mathematics, they will need a placement score on file to determine the most appropriate level for a student to begin their studies at Columbia College Chicago.

English Placement

Effective Spring 2017, students will be required to complete The Write Class (TWC) to determine their English placement scores. The TWC process and placement is included in the online orientation process for all students starting in the fall 2017 semester. As part of the online orientation and in preparation for registration, students will complete the TWC and this will determine the appropriate first class a student should take in Writing and Rhetoric at Columbia College Chicago.

Students who have questions regarding TWC should contact the English Department directly and speak with Jennie Fauls, Assistant Director of Composition 312.369.8185.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Mathematics Placement

To determine the most appropriate placement in mathematics, students are strongly encouraged to submit their official SAT or ACT examination scores. The SAT/ACT is the primary score Columbia College Chicago students use to determine where they begin in our mathematics curriculum. Students should submit their SAT or ACT scores directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at

If a student has not taken the SAT or ACT exam, or if they would like to complete a secondary assessment of their math skills, they can complete the Mathematics New Student Placement assessment in the Columbia College Chicago Learning Studio.

Students are required to complete the Mathematics placement assessment in the Columbia College Chicago Academic Center for Tutoring located at 33 E. Ida B. Wells Drive, on the first floor. Students who have questions regarding the mathematics placement assessment, should contact the Academic Center for Tutoring at or call our front desk at 312.369.8130.