Advising Timeline

Freshmen, you must meet with College Advising at least once during your first year, preferably during the first semester. College Advising can help make sure your major is right for you, change it if it isn't, explore minors, discuss life outside of your classes, etc.  We are the experts at transitioning to Columbia, navigating the college, and making the most of your time here. 

Sophomores, this might be the first semester that your academic department will require you to meet with a faculty member prior to registration. So hop to it!  Find out who you’ve been assigned on your Academic Record in MyColumbia. Underneath your Academic Advisor’s name will be the name of a faculty member ready and waiting to help you. You might need to meet with this person each semester, so strike up a conversation & visit often. He or she will issue you faculty clearance before registration, too. 

Juniors, make sure to apply for graduation! Fill out the Undergraduate Graduation Application in MyColumbia under the “Students” tab. You’ll receive an audit of your courses—double check to make sure it’s accurate and build the schedules for your following semesters from there. Make a follow-up appointment with your Academic Advisor and faculty advisor to make sure your audit is correct, and that your path to graduate is nearing completion. 

Hell yeah, Seniors! Your path to graduation is almost finished. Your career preparation should be in full-swing with your faculty advisors and the Career Center. Feel free to triple-check your degree requirements with us at the Grad Block Party, make an appointment with your college advisor, or drop by our office. We also just plain enjoy seeing how far you've come since you saw us during your first year. But just to be sure, follow this checklist:

  • follow these steps to apply for graduation
  • review your graduation audit early and often in case something’s off kilter
  • talk with your faculty advisor about any lingering equivalencies or transfer credits
  • meet with your Academic Advisor to make sure you’re picking the right classes for your final semester
  • talk with the Career Center about how to best assemble your body of work, and job search tips  
  • showcase your work at Manifest & industry events
  • flash a giant smile at Commencement; you earned it!