Declaring a Minor

Declare your minor at the Minor Fair

What is a minor?

A minor is a course of study that provides an introduction or sequenced specialization in a certain area in addition to and outside of a student's declared major. Minors at Columbia College range from 18 to 24 credit hours. Students who pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree should strongly consider adding a minor to augment and complement their major. 

You can find out more about minors with the FAQs below and by visiting the College Advising Center.

Minor FAQs

Why should I declare a minor?
Students choose minors based upon:
  • Career goals. Students with minors have a competitive advantage in the marketplace because they’ve developed skills and specialized knowledge outside their main degree disciplines. 
  • Graduate school. Minors can merge areas of study to create a path that continues into a post-graduate degree. 
  • Personal interest. Students can also choose minors simply because they are passionate about a subject outside of their major.
What fields of study can I minor in?
So many! Students have several options for minors that can complement their major or set them on a new trajectory all together. Always refer to the most recent catalog for a list. You can also test drive minors in the Advising Guide on OASIS.
When can I declare a minor?
Students can declare a minor anytime, as long as you can complete the requirements before you graduate. To declare a minor, students should meet with a college advisor. Together with the college advisor you can discuss how a minor can fit into your graduation plan. Go here for more info on how to meet with a college advisor.
Can I double-minor?
Yes! Double-minors can work with many majors. Talk to a college advisor to do the math and see how a minor (or two) can fit into your BA graduation plan.
I am pursuing a BFA, BMus, or BS. Can I still complete a minor?
It's complicated. Since these degrees are meant to focus heavily on the major, it can be difficult to find room to accommodate a minor. Come meet with a college advisor to see if a minor can fit into your graduation plan.
Can I share classes in a Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) minor with my LAS core?
Students can share 9 credits of an LAS minor with their LAS core requirements. This policy is reflected in the advising guide but a student should confirm with a college advisor how this impacts his or her graduation plan.