Film and Television

Chicago has a top notch film and television community, and a lot of people float from working on films, television shows and commercials.  It is important to attend industry events throughout Chicago to meet professionals working in the industry.  In this industry it really is about who you know, and the experience you have is very important.  Volunteer, intern and work on projects outside of class work as much as you can.  Attend events and join organizations.  Go to film festivals and screenings.  Get out there!

What it Takes

  • Your job search arsenal includes a portfolio website with a reel (if applicable). A resume and business cards too.
  • Track your film and television projects early on using a master resume.
  • Save everything. Get your work in digital format and store it securely.
  • Get on set! Experience is crucial. Prove yourself on one set and it will lead to other offers.
  • Network. Nearly all hiring/offers for work come through relationships.
  • Volunteer. Festivals are a great way to meet people!