Fine Arts

What it Takes:

  • Your job search arsenal includes web and print portfolios, resume, and business cards.
  • Explore career paths early on. Decide which direction you want your degree to take you.
  • Document your work. Learn how to professionally photograph your installations, or take advantage of photo documentation services at the Portfolio Center.
  • Create a website to promote yourself as an artist.
  • If you are applying to jobs outside of fine arts, be sure to have a separate version of your resume.
  • Seek opportunities to exhibit and sell your work.

On the Web:

Chicago Gallery Guide
Gallery news and directory by neighborhood

College Art Association
Resources for teaching at the college level

Art Therapy Association
Information about the career path, and a directory of graduate programs in art therapy.

National Art Education Association
Information on teaching art in a variety of settings

National Portfolio Day

A must for students interested in MFA programs. Representatives from across the US come in to look at student work.

At Columbia:

Library Research Guide