Non-Profit Jobs

Nonprofit = unpaid?

Not true! There are paid jobs in non-profit organizations. Nonprofit organizations (also know as NPO's) have many paid positions available in roles that range from PR and marketing to development, volunteer coordination, case management and much more. And even if you don't think you will pursue non-profit work long-term, chances are you have a talent they need. Interning or volunteering in these settings can be a great way to build your resume and portfolio.

Nonprofit careers are popular in large part because they enable individuals to work for a cause they believe in. Compared to the private sector, NPO's are considered to be mission rather than profit driven. Examples include social service organizations, many museums, charities, and cultural organizations.

Getting work at an NPO

  • Volunteer as much as possible in college to prove a dedication to service
  • Take on activities that demonstrate your interest in specific causes. You will have a better shot if you can show that you support the mission.
  • Join networking organizations like the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. The nonprofit sector can be like a family – you have to network your way in.
  • Consider searching by CAUSE rather than JOB. Applicants sometimes select the organizations they want to work for and then flex their role.

Web Resources for Non-profit Jobs

Idealist is a nation-wide job/internship/volunteer site. Search for specific opportunities, or for organizations that fit your interests. is a Chicago-based non-profit job site.

Corporation for National and Community Service

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network- Chicago Chapter
Fantastic for its networking opportunities, YNPN Chicago is free to join and also includes a job board.

B Corp Directory of Companies
B Corps are for-profit companies with a greater purpose. The B Lab ranks companies according to their impact.

Learn How to Become A Volunteer
Career Counselor Ann Marie Hardy, who helps job seekers connect with non-profit organiations, contributed to the creation of this guide.  Hardy answers critical questions and offers expert advice surrounding non-prifit hiring and the volunteer work bridge.