Writing Your Job Description

If you do not have a job description and need assistance with one, we suggest outlining the following in your posting, keeping in mind that a well-written job description should help decrease the quantity of unqualified applicants. 

The key elements of a well-written job description:

  • The job or position title
  • The department and person the applicant will report to
  • A brief summary of the position and its overarching responsibility or function or role within the organization
  • A list of the position’s essential duties
  • The specific knowledge, skills, work history, or other experiences, training, language, or aptitudes required for the job
  • The educational requirements for the job, such as degrees and certifications
  • Qualities or attributes that contribute to superior performance in the position
  • Salary: paid/unpaid/college credit (must be approved by Internship & Career Advisor)
  •  Application instructions:  How the person will contact you-phone, email, fax, external link from company career site.

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