Employer Accounts

The following guidelines have been enacted to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for employers and for Columbia College Chicago students and alumni.  
All Employer accounts should include: 
  • the company/organization name 
  • the full name of the company/organization contact and mailing address (no personal residences or P.O. Boxes) 
  • a company/organization email address associated with the organization’s website domain (e.g. bmiller@domainname.com, not a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) The individual contact names should match the same domain name. 
  • A company/organization website address that clearly relates to your organization, not LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram pages. Websites with an about section and Careers pages are helpful for us and potential candidates to view open opportunities. The website should not be in pre-launch/beta phase or contain “coming soon” language.  
Employer accounts not eligible for approval include: 
  • Employers offering services in direct conflict or not in line with Columbia College Chicago’s mission 
  • Employer profiles that contain spelling or grammatical errors or are otherwise unprofessional 
  • Employers that offer services that are illegal according to Illinois state and federal law 
  • Organizations that charge fees for participation or placement, or require the purchase of product(s) or a financial investment to be employed 
  • Employers who mass spam/duplication of job descriptions, or positions that are strictly commission based 
  • Employers who are current undergraduate or graduate students
  • If a graduate student has extensive work/professional experience in a relevant industry, we may consider approval
  • Graduate and Professional School Programs 
  • Teaching English Abroad Programs 
  • Camps 
  • Nanny / Au Pair Agencies 
  • Temp Agencies 
  • Tutoring Firms 
Employer accounts eligible on a case by case basis: 
Third-Party Recruiting Firms provided they meet all guidelines outlined