Posting Requirements

All posted opportunities are required to have: 

  • a complete description of the duties performed
  • a posted salary or an hourly wage equal to or greater than the federal or state minimum wage unless it is listed in part, as an approved internship by our Internship and Career Advisors. Internships must be supervised by someone with experience directly related to the internship role and responsibilities.   
  • a location: Remote working opportunities must be identified as such and include frequency of reporting and reporting structure.  

Internship-Specific Posting Requirements 

Employers posting unpaid internships must:  

  • provide a space for the intern in the organization's official business premises (homes, coffee shop, virtual, in the field, remote, etc. are prohibited);
  • provide the resources, equipment, and facilities needed by the student to support the learning objectives/goals;
  • provide direct and regular supervision, and meet the Department of Labor’s criteria for unpaid internships.  

Sales-related internships must include a learning component and must provide the intern regular supervision when completing tasks within business premises (i.e., interns cannot be responsible for making sales calls using their own resources within or outside of the business premises). 

Employers posting stipend-based internships must provide details for the payment structure. This includes how the stipend will be paid (at once, or in payments); if the stipend is made in payments and payments are based on performance/outcomes, please provide these details. 

Paid internships must provide a professional working space; co-working spaces are allowed, but home and other non-business environments are prohibited. 

Virtual internships must be disclosed as virtual or work from home and follow the same guidelines as an in-person internship or job opportunities.