Career Assessments

The MBTI is the most widely-used personality assessment in the world and has been used for decades to help users better understand themselves, their preferences, and how to make informed career decisions. To learn more, here is some additional information.

Why might the MBTI be right for you?

You want to learn more about yourself and career preferences

  • You'd like to begin researching potential career paths and personality factors that influence your decisions
  • You'd like to understand what might have influenced past decision-making in order to better plan for the future.
How do I take the MBTI assessment?
  1. Email Michael Goode at expressing your interest. 
  2. Michael will send the assessment to you via email and you will complete it online.
  3. Upon completion, make an appointment with Michael to interpret the results on Handshake:
    1. Go to
    2. Choose “Appointments” from under “Career Center” drop down menu
    3. Select “Not Sure”
    4. Select “Personality Assessment – MBTI (Myers-Briggs)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Does this cost me money?
      A: Nope! It is free for all current Columbia students.
Q: How long does it take to complete the test?
      A: It varies, but typically 15-20 minutes.
Q: What will the test results tell me?
      A: Your test results will provide you with an MBTI type, analysis of  your choices, and career fields typical for your type.
Q: Can I take the assessment on my phone?
      A: Yes
Q: Can I take the test more than once?
      A: It is generally not advised to take the test more than once within a brief period of time.