Student Employees


On The Job

If this is the first time you are working for the college, give your supervisor a copy of your Hiring Checklist and Congratulation Form.  This form confirms you completed payroll processing in Student Employment.  Review your job description with your supervisor to make sure you understand your duties.  Report to work on time and always inform your supervisor if you will be late or absent.  Know that you can be terminated for repeated tardiness, absenteeism, or poor job performance.

Work Schedule

  • You and your supervisor will determine your work schedule.
  • You cannot work more than twenty (20) hours a week.
  • You cannot work more than eight (8) hours a day.
  • You will only be paid for hours you work.
  • You are not eligible for sick days, vacation days or holidays.

Pay Schedule

  • You will be paid bi-monthly; around the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • You are responsible for submitting your time online.
  • Login to OASIS and access the self-service link to enter work hours.
  • Your supervisor must approve your time at the end of each pay-period.
  • Know who is delegated to approve your time if your supervisor is not available at the end of a pay-period.

Student Employee Rights

As employees of Columbia College Chicago, students have the right to be treated fairly by the college and their employer.

  • The right to know what is expected of you concerning the assigned tasks.
  • The right to receive adequate training and supervision to perform assigned tasks.
  • The right to know who will act as supervisor and/or sign timesheets if your assigned supervisor is not available.
  • The right to request periodic feedback on your job performance and receive an annual written performance evaluation.
  • The right to not be asked to run personal errands or perform personal tasks for your supervisor.
  • The right to a 15 minute paid break if you work 4 consecutive hours or a 30 minute paid break if you work an 8 hour day.
  • The right to receive compensation for all hours worked in accordance with student employment and payroll guidelines.

Student Responsibilities

  • To complete payroll documents in Student Employment “before” beginning to work, if you do not have a Columbia employee ID #.
  • To establish a work schedule that does not interfere with your class schedule.
  • To notify your supervisor in advance of any changes to your work schedule or other commitments that will affect work availability.
  • To report to work on time and give advance notice when unable to work a scheduled shift.
  • To take the job seriously and perform at the highest level of your ability.
  • To treat your supervisor and fellow employees with respect.
  • To dress appropriately for your job duties and/or location (check with your supervisor if you are unsure).
  • To practice good personal hygiene.
  • To not conduct personal business or entertain friends on the job (unless you receive permission from your supervisor.)
  • To not use cell phones, pagers, or other personal electronic devices while on the job (unless you receive permission from your supervisor).
  • To accurately report the hours you work.
  • To maintain enrollment and GPA Student Employment requirements.
  • To be aware of and follow student employment and Columbia policies and procedures for students of the college.

Voluntary Termination (you resign)

You may decide to leave your job due to:

  • Class schedules conflicts
  • More study time needed
  • Personal/family reasons or Prolonged illness
  • Other

You must do the following:

  • Give your supervisor a 2 week notice.
  • Let your supervisor know ASAP if you cannot give a 2 week a notice.
  • Your supervisor must submit a Termination Form to Student Employment.
  • FWS students should notify Student Financial Service since it may impact your financial aid package.

Involuntary Termination (Initiated by the supervisor)

If your supervisor is not satisfied with your job performance, he/she should document the following steps were taken prior to terminating you:

  • You received a verbal warning; explaining the problem(s) and what you must do in a reasonable time period to improve your job performance.
  • You received a written warning, explaining again the problem(s) and a period of time you will be given to perform satisfactory or be terminated,
  • The supervisor can terminate you and submit a Termination Form to Student Employment if you continue to perform unsatisfactorily.

Supervisors are not required to give verbal or written warnings to students who demonstrate the following behavior:

  • Reporting False Work Hours
  • Job Abandonment
  • Insubordination, Theft, or Sexual Harassment
  • Physical Violence or Verbal Abuse
  • Other Violations of the college’s Code of Conduct

Termination Appeals

  • A student may appeal an employer termination by submitting a written letter along with a copy of the Termination Form to Student Employment within 10 days of the termination.
  • The appeal should clearly state why the student disagrees with the termination and whether he/she wants to be reinstated in the job.
  • The Student Employment Director, Coordinator, and/or a designated staff member from the Dean of Students may mediate a meeting with the student and the supervisor.
  • Understand that reinstatement may not be an option since all part-time employees of the college may be terminated “at will”.
  • The decision of Student Employment and/or Dean of Students offices is final.

Grievance Procedures

  • You and/or your supervisor are expected to resolve minor disagreements between co-workers and staff.
  • You may call or email Student Employment if you wish to discuss an on the job situation that has not been resolved internally.
  • Depending on the nature of the problem, it may be referred to the Dean of Students Office.

Columbia College Policies:

    • Check Office 365 periodically for information that may concern your employment.

Also pay particular attention to polices that impact your eligibility to work on campus, such as:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Dropping/Adding/Withdrawing From Classes
  • Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy
    Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act)
  • Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP)
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Computer and Network Usage Policy

Student Employment is here to assist you in having a great experience as a student employee. We understand that the work students perform on campus contributes to the success of college.

Contact us if you have additional questions concerning student employment at Columbia College Chicago.