Talent Pool Search Tips

You think the bubbles are beautiful, yet you aren't sure how to navigate the sea of talent. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Searching the Grid

When developing Talent Pool, we wanted a way to encourage visitors to browse through more profiles. The grid places similar profiles next to each other. While the first profile you click on may not be the one you want, their next door neighbor might be the perfect fit.

To explore the grid, try the following:

  • Use the drop down boxes in the upper left hand corner and change the X and Y axes. This allows you to locate those who want to collaborate, who have a more visual style, or are more experienced.

  • Narrow the grid by clicking the year of the profile on or off. Each year you click removes those from the grid. This allows you to find only a specific level of education or experience.

  • Click on the Scale terms at the top of the grid and watch the bubbles grow. Remember, the larger the bubble, the more relevant it is to your search.

  • For more focused searches

  • Need a more focused search? First try clicking on the Explore button and narrow by majors or industries.

  • Don't have time for all of clicking? Know exactly who or what you want? Type your search terms into our Google-powered search box and see a list of profiles that meet your criteria.

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