Talent Pool FAQ

Talent Pool FAQ

What is Talent Pool?

Talent Pool is an online database designed to showcase your work to potential employers, and fellow students for collaboration.

Why do I need a Talent Pool profile?

Creating a Talent Pool profile makes you and your work more visible to the world. Your profile is a snapshot of who you are, what your work is like, and what opportunities you desire. It also allows you to promote your work through social media outlets.

I already have a website. Why do I need Talent Pool?

Talent Pool will help people find you and get a quick read on what kind of creative work you want to do. On your Talent Pool profile you can (and should) link to all of your websites, blogs, or projects.

I’m a freshman. Should I fill this out now?

Absolutely. Having a Talent Pool profile now will put you in play with other students looking for collaborators. Later on it will be key for connecting with internship employers.