What is Portfolium?

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Portfolium is a free, digital portfolio and social networking platform for Columbia College Chicago students and alumni. With Portfolium, quickly organize your academic accomplishments and experiences into a portfolio of work by adding "entries" or samples of your projects.   

  • Assign categories, skills, and tags to your projects to make them searchable.

  • Connect with others, build the creative network of your dreams, and collaborate easily with your peers.

  • Watch your feed for updates from your connections and show your support for entries that you enjoy.

  • Grow your audience and keep your profile fresh by regularly adding your most recent activities.  

With Portfolium, you can curate your projects, be a part of your creative community, and highlight your job-ready skills today. 

Begin by brainstorming any experiences or accomplishments that you feel would help build a positive online identity.  

  • Work/Professional - Expand on each bullet point on your resume with photos and more! 

  • Education - Upload real samples of your coursework (pdfs, Word, Excel, PP, Prezi, SketchFab,SoundCloud, YouTube etc.) 

  • Volunteer Work - Share videos and photos of your volunteer experiences 

  • Clubs & Activities - Show the world what makes you... YOU! (study abroad/travel, hobbies, athletics) 

Remember, anytime you need assistance or have questions you can reach out to Portfolium support team via the blue question mark in the lower right corner of your screen. You can also reach out to the Career Center staff.

We look forward to seeing your profile!