Faculty and Staff

Faculty collaboration is central to our strategy and helps students transition from academia to their professional fields. We encourage you to utilize Career Center resources in your course syllabus or bring your classes to pertinent events.  On this page, you will find tools and resources that can be easily incorporated into your syllabus.  Additionally, in the program contacts section we have listed ways we can work with you to help better prepare your students for life after graduation.

Contact us with any questions about how to bring career into your classroom




Big Interview


Big Interview is a video mock interview tool that allows students to practice questions tailored to their area of professional interest. Big Interview includes a variety of sample questions from over 30 industries that allows students to practice talking about their skills and experiences. As a class assignment, you have the ability to upload, or assign pre-made questions and can require students to complete an interview and send you a link for feedback. Learn more here and contact us if you're interested in using Big Interview with your class.


Career Center Events


Career Center events promote portfolio and career development, and create links between students and the creative industries.  Please take a look at our current list of events, and if you are interested in bringing a class to one of our events please contact the Creative Industry Liaison who works with your department. 

Do you have an idea for an event or program that would align with your class?  Please contact us, we'd love to discuss a possible collaboration and assist you in developing a career-related event or program.


Career Center Presentations


The Career Center offers a variety of presentations that can be customized for classes or student groups. 

To partner with the Career Center, please review the instructions below then complete the Class Presentation Request FormTo customize a presentation to your class or student group, please email Brian Socall at bsocall@colum.edu. 


Instructions for Spring 2023 Class Presentation Requests:


  • Please submit your request by February 17, 2023 to allow sufficient time for the Career Center staff to prepare. All requests require at least two weeks lead time from the date of the request. 

  • Requests submitted after the February 17th deadline will be considered, but may not be approved. 

  • Only 1 form is needed per class (even if there are multiple sections). If you would like to request more than 4 presentations for a course, please email bsocall@colum.edu.

  • Please review the Career Center events page prior to submitting a request to check for planned workshops and events to see if your desired topic is already being covered. To have your class attend, please email Brian Socall at bsocall@colum.edu.

  • Please note that all presentations are subject to approval.

Here are samples of the list of presentations available:


  • Building a Career Plan
  • Career Center Overview
  • How to Talk About & Brand Yourself
  • Internships: What They Are & How to Find One
  • LinkedIn
  • Portfolios
  • Transferable Skills
  • Custom

Contact the following staff members for more information regarding specific programs: