Infectious disease outbreaks, including Coronavirus (COVID-19), create a new type of crisis with a great deal of uncertainty about the nature of the disease, its spread, and its impact. This will understandably impact our emotional and mental health wellbeing - even among those who have not been directly exposed to the disease. Reactions to a crisis can appear very different from person to person and can occur at any time. Please consider the following recommendations for promoting your mental wellbeing during this time.

Self-Care: During these unprecedented times, it is important to practice self care. Print out these recommendations for taking care of yourself during a pandemic.

Furthermore, here is a video offering 10 tips to improve your time during COVID-19.


Journaling: Journaling can be a very liberating expression of art that could help us feel better. It is a tool, that if used correctly, can provide problem-solving skills. While people may think journaling is a "Dear Diary" format, there are a multitude of styles to journal. Here is the PDF file for Journaling types and the corresponding list of Values,  and a Gratitude Journal article.

Here is a video explaining each style in depth.

Building Happiness at Home

Happiness at Home