Counseling Services


Dima Dairanieh, LCSW, CADC
Staff Therapist

“I love reading, cooking and art in all forms. I cannot go a day without music. Working on establishing a meditation practice and being more present.”



Gricel Serrano, LCPC
Staff Therapist

“I think life is better with music, food, and laughter. Life can be difficult, but without humor--it becomes unbearable." 



Matthew P. Partridge, LCPC
Staff Therapist

“I enjoy traveling and live music. I enjoy creating new experiences with people as a way to grow and develop relationships.”



Anna Looker, LCPC
Staff Therapist

“I’m an outgoing person who loves to meet new people and connect with others! In my free time, I’m often reading a fantasy or sci-fi novel, playing volleyball, taking a long walk with a large coffee, checking out an antique shop, or relaxing with my Siamese cat, Beatrice."



Richard Chin, LCSW
Coordinator of Counseling Services 

"I enjoy going for walks with my wife, playing with my baby and dogs, and fumbling through licks on the guitar. I try to find joy and humor in life and in frustration.”



Emily Battle, LCPC
Director of Counseling Services

“I have a lot of hobbies and am always looking for new ways to be creative and engage in self-care. Cooking, listening to music and podcasts, reading, physical exercise, spending time outdoors with my partner and dog are just a few ways I enjoy spending my time." 



Connie Valle
Administrative Assistant

“I love spending time with my Family and having Family Dinners. I enjoy long car rides (we turn them into karaoke time!); definitely enjoy music especially oldies music. I love Mediterranean food and pizza! I enjoy good jokes and laughs. My favorite show is The Big Bang Theory and The History Channel. I like going to art galleries and admire different kinds of art.”