Counseling Services


Dima Dairanieh, LCSW, CADC
Staff Therapist
“I love reading, cooking and art in all forms. I cannot go a day without music. Working on establishing a meditation practice and being more present.”


Gricel Serrano, LCPC
Staff Therapist
“I think life is better with music, food, and laughter. Life can be difficult, but without humor--it becomes unbearable." 



Matthew P. Partridge, LCPC
Staff Therapist

Connie Valle
Administrative Assistant
“I love spending time with my Family and having Family Dinners. I enjoy long car rides (we turn them into karaoke time!); definitely enjoy music especially oldies music. I love Mediterranean food and pizza! I enjoy good jokes and laughs. My favorite show is The Big Bang Theory and The History Channel. I like going to art galleries and admire different kinds of art.”