Dune Archetypes: The Work of Suzanne Cohan-Lange

Exhibition Dates: June 24 - August 19, 2005

Carved wood, assembled objects, antique mannequins, video images, handmade
felt, hinges, rivets and old negatives comprise a group of sculptures that
look at the strange and uneasy relationship we have with nature. Completed
over the past five years, this body of figurative work deals with the
fragility and absurdity of the human condition.
Suzanne Cohan-Lange is a sculptor, designer and art educator whose principal
concerns over the past thirty years have involved the design of educational
programs, productions and art institutions using an interdisciplinary
approach. Currently Suzanne chairs the Interdisciplinary Arts Department of
Columbia College, which she co-authored in 1976. She is the creator of the
Arti-Fact Center at Spertus Institute, which she designed in 1987, and in
1994 she developed the Columbia College Center for the Book and Paper Arts.
Her department now offers the MA in Inter-Arts, the MFA in Interdisciplinary
Book and Paper Arts and the MFA in Inter-Arts and Media.