Layer Cake

Layer Cake: Tales from a Quinceañera

September 8 - October 28, 2009

Reception: September 10 and September 15

If asked what Quinceañera means, a celebrant will likely answer: “I’m going from being a girl to being a woman,” but in today’s America of mixed moral, spiritual and cultural messages, coming-of-age is increasingly complicated. Layer Cake features a tight assemblage of artists who capture the fantastic confusion of this fifteenth birthday ritual through personal stories – real or imagined – that speak to some facet of the tradition’s greater narrative.  Explore the tension, delight, embarrassment, desire, joy, pride, confusion and beauty inherent in the celebration during National Latino Heritage month. 

Curated by Camille Morgan.
In collaboration with Critical Encounters: Fact and Faith
Artists include: Juana Alicia, Arturo Carrillo, Adriana Carvalho, Isaura Gonzalez, Judithe Hernández, Javier Ramírez Limón, Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu

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Review of Layer Cake by Bonnie Jean Adams, Chicago Culture & Events Examiner
"Layer Cake - Tales from a Quinceanera"

Article by The Columbia Chronicle, Columbia's student newspaper:
 "New, vibrant art exhibit channels Latino heritage"

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