Radical Pleasures

October 29 - February 11, 2021.

Gallery Hours: Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Capacity of gallery is 10 visitors and masks are required.

Radical Pleasures features the work of 2019 Pougialis Award winners Madison Juliana Alexander
and Jamie Nance. This multi-media exhibit is an active exploration of the role and boundaries of pleasure in our confused world. Through drawings, sculpture, and performance Alexander and Nance bear their hearts in search of the function and necessity of pleasure in a world ravaged by death and distrust.

The Pougialis Fine Art Award is a yearly competition, sponsored by the Art & Art History Department, that offers promising fine art students at Columbia College Chicago an opportunity to study as an apprentice with an established artist of national and international standing for one semester, a cash award, and a two-person exhibition. 


Please click on the images below to view issues of the DEPS Artist Profile Series featuring Madison Juliana Alexander and Jamie Nance, created for their BFA Thesis exhibition:


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Radical Pleasures; The Artists Talk
Feb 11, 6pm, presented online through Zoom.

Artists Madison Juliana Alexander and Jamie Nance, recipients of the 2019 Pougialis award, discuss their exhibition Radical Pleasures, in a live broadcast artist talk extravaganza. Alexander and Nance both deal with the topics of pleasure, sexuality, and identity in their own distinct ways which culminate in Radical Pleasures. Alexander focuses on using the body, both her own and her viewers through performance and immersive installation, to discuss finding opulent pleasure in spite of mental illness and uncertainty.  Nance focuses on pushing the body to it’s limits, through intensely detailed drawings and paintings, by portraying the body in the most taboo and extreme acts of sexuality and pleasure.  

During this online presentation each artist will talk about their work and afterwards they will answer all of your burning questions.

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Exhibition Contact: Mark Porter / mporter@colum.edu / 312-369-6643