Reveal: Secrecy And The Public Sphere

Exhibition Dates: March 15 - April 20, 2012

Opening Reception: March 15, 5 - 7pm


In this exhibition, Art+Design- Interior Architecture and Film and Video - Production Design students collaborated in exploring the concept of viewpoint. The two disciplines are intimately connected with the idea of viewpoint in many similar ways, but with a key difference. Cinema focuses on the filmmaker's framed two-dimensional view and interior architecture designs for an immersive experience. In this collaboration, students with different backgrounds, approaches, and skill sets challenged and expanded their own viewpoints on themselves, each other, and the world around them. 

With the viewpoint in the focus, students explored ideas around "truth and trust", the outcome being an immersive environment that exhibits the idea of secrecy in the public sphere through a personalized spatial experience.  By sharing secrets anonymously the Columbia College community and their own secrets become central to the finished piece.  

What secrets does the Columbia College community hold and how do they tie us together?

This exhibition is part of DEPS annual collaborative exhibition series that pairs two disparate disciplines to build a semester long, classroom-based exhibition. Past pairings have included Theatre and Illustration, Set Design and Math & Science and Dance and Interactive Arts and Media.  

Design and build lead by:  David Krause and Petra Probstner


Academic Partners: Film and Video, Interior Architecture and Critical Encounters
Exhibition Contact: Mark Porter,, 312-369-6643 

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