Re/Image/In Circles

April 4 - May 3, 2013
Reception: April 4, 2013 5-7pm

Through the use of live projections paired with video projection Re/image/in Circles investigates physical questions such as how we can extend ourselves through one another, how the human body can be leveraged as a technology, and how the tactile becomes the visual. Utilizing documentation of these performances through photographs and video recording, the exhibition examines the memory of decision in performance as well as how artifacts embody experience. Re/image/in Circles also asks the viewer to consider where authorship lies in collective improvisation, what is the moment of decision in creative process, and how to establish a relationship between individual and collective experience.

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Dance and Interactive Arts and Media departments, led by Onye Ozuzu's Technology of the Circle class and Niki Nolin's Experimental Image and Emerging Forms class. Re/image/in Circles is is part of DEPS annual collaborative exhibition series that pairs two disparate disciplines to build a semester long, classroom-based exhibition. Past pairings have included Theatre and Illustration, Set Design and Math & Science and Interior Architecture and Film.  

Dance Performance Dates: April 8, 5-6pm | April 24, 4-5pm |  April 29, 5-6pm

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