Tricksters: Jefferson Godard Curates Columbia

Jan 28, 2013 – March 15, 2013
Reception:  Jan 31, 2013, 5-7pm

Artists are illusionists creating visual elements to populate space and create questions.  The gallery becomes the space of this subterfuge, often challenging our understanding of what we see and how we perceive it.  These elements can mock and mimic, confront issues and instigate what we understand as it is only the viewer that dares to lift the veil and search for meaning. Tricksters attempts to address these issues with appropriations and representations of material that can both mask and unearth.

Tricksters is the second installment within the Chicago Curates Columbia exhibition series. Pairing successful arts practitioners with Columbia College disciplines, the series brings curators to campus to meet with students, provide informed critiques and curate exhibitions of student work. Goals of the program include creating contacts between students and industry professionals and providing exhibition opportunities to students who may not envision their work as existing within a gallery space.

Esteemed curator, instructor and co-founder of Aspect/Ratio Gallery, Jefferson Godard selected MFA Photography students Nick Albertson, Gregg Evans and Josh Poehlein to exhibit recent digital video, photography and sculpture.

Academic partnerships: Film and Video, Photography

Exhibition Contact: Mark Porter,, 312-369-6643




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